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G-7 – Moisture Meter

G-7 – Moisture Meter

What is the Key to High Quality Hay?

The G-7 is a rugged resistance-type meter, great for testing the moisture content of grain at harvest time and while in storage. The serrated double-disc electrode cup holds only 3-4 grams, allowing for more uniform sampling and providing accurate and repeatable readings. You can even attach optional accessories to check moisture in bulk material and hay. The G-7 also provides useful statistics on stored readings.

• Built-in calibrations for barley, coffee, corn, flax, hay, oats, pasta, rapeseed, rough rice, rye, sorghum, soybeans, and wheat.
• Built-in temperature correction over the range of 32 – 160° F (0 – 70° C).
• Programmable offset to match elevator.
• Stores up to 150 accumulated readings in user-defined batches by grain.
• Displays the average and highest readings, and standard deviation and co-efficient of variance of stored readings.
• Audible, adjustable alarm alerts you when a pre-selected MC has been reached.
• Built-in connector accepts any Delmhorst electrode.
• Built-in calibration check.
• Moisture Range: 9%-30% MC, depending on the grain.
• 9V battery.
• 1-year warranty.

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Model Description Part Number
TM 100 Base Kit with Handle & Tip DELtm100kit
Additional Parts Meter Only DELg-7meter
H-4 Clear Handle DEL H-4handle
10″ Bale Prod DEL830-2prod
18″ Bale Prod DEL830-3prod
Carry Case DELg-7case
Moisture Content Standard (16 % 22%) DELmcs-4


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