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Delmhorst Moisture Meters

Delmhorst – The Market Leader

Delmhorst has been producing moisture meters for nearly 70 years. Their products have been recognised the world over as the most rugged and most accurate moisture meters available today. Ag Accessories is proud to have been associated with Delmhorst for over 25 years. We are the ONLY official importer and distributor for Delmhorst within Australia and also the ONLY authorised repair agent within Australia. We pride ourselves in our 24 hour turn around service on repairs and calibration checks on all Delmhorst agricultural moisture meters.

All Delmhorst moisture meters feature temperature stable circuitry meaning that calibration is not effected by ambient temperature, along with built-in battery and calibration check, giving the operator confidence in performance.

Failure to properly store your hay or grain can lead to loss of valuable stock and can promote a fire hazard. This can affect your revenue as a result. This is why testing your moisture levels before and after storage is crucial. Baling hay for instance at correct moisture levels and storing it in a way that reduces mould development, preserves leaves, color and even the feed value, not to mention reducing the potential for spontaneous combustion if temperatures reach unacceptable levels.