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Swather Belting

For more than 12 years Ag Accessories has imported and supplied Wahpeton Canvas Co. (WCCO) Swather / Draper / Header belts to the Grain Harvest Industry and more importantly in the last 8 years has been involved with promoting “Raptor” belting.

WCCO supplies more than 90 percent of all swather canvases fitted to new machines “at the factory”. The confidence in WCCO’s workmanship shown by all manufacturers is accomplished because of WCCO’s efforts to maintain exact product dimensions and standards for every model. As a result, our canvases meet all the demands of today’s modern farm machinery.

“RAPTOR” draper belt is made of filament fabric, immediately making it stronger and more durable. RAPTOR belting has redefined the performance of draper belting. RAPTOR has undergone years of field tests with excellent results. With the superior strength of the filament fabric, combined with the advantages from both friction and skim coating the rubber, RAPTOR outperforms all others where it counts – in the field.

Pound for pound, a filament fabric WILL ALWAYS outperform a similar spun fabric with higher tensile, tear and puncture resistance. Ag Accessories data base has records stored including Original Equipment Sizes and Specifications from the majority of Major Agricultural equipment manufacturers. The “RAPTOR” draper belt features a friction coat on the underside of the belt and a skim coat on the top. The result: Optimum Protection with less drag.

Previously it wasn’t possible to friction coat filament fabric because the surface was too smooth for the rubber to form a strong bond, that is until now. The “RAPTOR” patent pending filament fabric is the first that can be both friction coated and skim coated. How is this done? The “RAPTOR” filament fabric is engineered with a series of depressions that allow the raw rubber to sit in those pockets. Extreme heat and pressure are then applied so that it permanently bonds with maximum adhesion to the fabric. By using friction coating on the bottom side of the “RAPTOR” belt, the belt weighs less and drags less, thereby using less energy. Using a thicker skim coating on the top provides the maximum durability and protection from the environment.

RAPTOR belting features an innovative teardrop-shaped fiberglass reinforcement rod inside of the cleat for increased belt stiffness, making RAPTOR™ significantly stronger than other drapers in its cross direction. Furthermore, the belt may also include the original equipment manufacturer-specified V-guide on its underside to improve proper tracking regardless of harvesting conditions.

Simply put the “RAPTOR” is much more than just a cosmetic change.

The “RAPTOR” is the most significant technical advancement for draper belting in 30 years!