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Mato Hooks & Tools

Mato Hooks & Tools

Mato fasteners are designed and manufactured near Frankfurt, Germany. They have been manufacturing belt fasteners for more than 100 years, and offer advanced designs, high technical expertise, and top quality products worldwide. Mato products have been sold in North America since the early 1980s and are the Original Equipment fasteners on John Deere, Claas, CIH, Vicon, Kuhn and some Feraboli Round Balers.


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Description Size / Qty Part Number
Mato Lacings BS (5-6mm) 1 Card x 14 segments MATOlace/ea#3
1 Box 10 cards (14seg) MATOlace/box#3
 Mato Lacings BS (5-6mm) 1 Card x 17 segments MATOlace/ea#4
1 Box 10 cards (17seg) MATOlace/box#4
 Mato Lacings CS (6-7mm)  1 Card x 17 segments  MATOlace/ea#2
1 Box 10 cards (17seg) MATOlace/box#2
Mato Vise Tool (profi 19) 9” MATOvisetool
 Mato Field Tool (H20)  7” MATOfieldtool
Mato Rigid Pins (7”) Each MATOpin#1
Mato Rigid Pins (8.5”) Each MATOpin#2
 Mato Flexible Pins (8.5”) Each MATOpin#3
Mato Flexible Pins (bulk) Per Foot MATOcable/’
Mato Pneumatic hammer in case Each MATOhammer
Mato replacement punch (profi 19) Each MATOpunch#1
Mato replacement tip (Pneumatic) Each MATOpunch#2
Mato texture belt skiver Each MATOskiver
Mato replacement skiver blades Packet of 5 MATOskiv/blade


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