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Rake & Baler Tynes

Ag Accessories imports and sources locally a variety of:

• Hay rake tynes for roller bar and finger wheel rakes.
• Pick up tynes for the majority of Round Balers and some of the big Square balers.

All tynes are manufactured from quality Spring Steel with some being in a natural finish, some painted and some galvanised depending on the application.

Rake tynes general come with one single mounting point followed by a coil, then followed by the leg where as Baler pick up tynes usually come away from the mounting point with two legs having passed through two coils.

While at first glimpse, many tynes appear to be the same, there are several subtle changes between them including mounting angle, wire diameter, overall length and amount of rotations in the coil. Therefore it is important to refer to the make and model of the machine you are trying to fit the tyne to.

Essentially most of our springs are Torsion Springs, that are utilized in products that require a resistance to or application of torque. Once a load is applied to the legs, torsion springs deflect and elongate resulting in an angular return force.

Torsion springs are closely wound with various leg configurations, such as straight legs and multiple leg bends. The direction of the wind, clockwise or counter-clockwise, is determined by the application and the machine it was designed to fit.