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Swather Belting

Swather Belting

The majority of draper/swather belts in the Australian market place are either a 42” wide smooth back belt or a 41.6” wide with a vulcanised V-guide on the underside edge. While the list of makes and models is too vast to list in this catalogue, the basic rules for ordering a belt/s apply.
What is the overall width of the belt?
Does the belt have a V-guide or is it smooth backed?
What is the overall length of the belt required? (to the next closest foot) Ag-Accessories will supply a belt slightly longer than required to ensure easy fitment.
Are joiners required also?

Belt Width Belt Description Belt Part Number Joiner Part Number
36” Centre V-guide on back suits Midwest DRAPbelt”V”#3 DRAPjoin#6
36” Side V-guide on back suits 900 series John Deere DRAPbelt”V”#2 DRAPjoin#5
39.5” Side V-guide on back suits 600 series John Deere DRAPbelt”V”#5 DRAPjoin#1steel
41.5” Smooth backed, Fibreglass Reinforced cleat DRAPbelt41.5” DRAPjoin#4
41.6” Side V-guide, Fibreglass Reinforced cleat DRAPbelt”V”#1 DRAPjoin#2
42” Smooth backed, Fibreglass Reinforced cleat DRAPbeltstd DRAPjoin#1c/board DRAPjoin#1steel
42” Double V-guide, suit Macdon 2152 DRAPbelt”V”#4 DRAPjoin#7
60” Smooth backed, Fibreglass Reinforced cleat DRAPbelt60” DRAPjoin#3



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